One of the leading manufacturers of translucent resin panels in China

The range of products covers eco-resin board, magical sandwich board, texture board, crystal board, honeycomb board, diamond board and board using derivative processing to fully meet the needs of customers' products.

Why choose us

Evowe has the United States AGL imports production lines, 100% using SK, Eastman and other world-renowned brand raw materials imports, raw materials, products through the US FDA certification body testing qualified and through the world-renowned commodity inspection agency SGS product testing certification in the The industry took the lead through the ISO9001-ISO14000 quality and environmental management system certification.

Evowe commodity performance

Environmental protection: LEED certified, 100% recyclable, non-toxic FDA compliant (contactable food);
Weight: The total amount of ordinary glass is 1/2, easy to install, make the design more lightweight and flexible;
Fire: fire performance B1 level;
Safety: Non-toxic gas combustion, no drops of material;
Chemical properties: excellent chemical resistance, no yellow, anti-aging, anti-UV function;

Physical Properties: Excellent Sound Insulation, Insulation Properties; High Transparency (93%) and Gloss, Heat Deformation Temperature 85 ℃;
Mechanical properties: can be any shape (hot bend and cold bend) and not white, no cracks;
Product hardness: high surface hardness, scratch resistance, scratch resistance, surface repair treatment can be carried out; Impact resistance: Excellent impact resistance, 40 times that of ordinary glass and 10 times that of acrylic.

Evowe eco-resin plate products through five strict production processes, the deformation of plastic materials will be very good to eliminate or reduce the stress between molecules (molecular stress is the leading plastic material deformation is the most important the reason). Excellent product processing characteristics also make it possible for a wide range of geometric applications of architecture and interior design, with cold-rolled non-whites and no cracking. Bending all kinds of hyperboloid and single surface, modeling unlimited, unlimited space geometric elements reverie.

The production process is free from any pollution. Raw materials 100% PETG sheet imported from South Korea's SK and EASTMAN USA, the material itself is 100% degradable polymeric resin.
The raw material is FDA food contact grade, odorless, Formaldehyde is widely used in the medical and education industries in Europe and the United States. The United States is making greater efforts to promote the unique environmental protection of the material and encouraging the use and development of the material.