• Magic

    Magic unique eresin offers you various interlayer elements, patterns, textures, colors and finishes to bring you the absolute visual impact.

  • Crystal

    Crystal can match any color, without a minimum requirement or any extra cost, and they can vary the amount of translucency within the material.

  • Pancore

    The innovative interlayer core ‘Honeycomb’ differs from the others in the range, it is extremely flexible in how it can be used, combines easily with individual items, and is idea for public, private, and corporate spaces.

  • Diamon

    Diamon is a 100% resin tile made with hundreds of fiber-optic light guides. Luxice can provide design development and support to assist in realizing your project.

  • Glass

    glass is produced by encapsulating organics and fabrics with a poured cast resin. This artistic technique enables the possibilities of capturing a beautiful 3D appearance without sacrificing clarity or the natural beauty of the interlayer materials.

  • Lighting

    lighting offer our design to customer’s specifications. Luxlighting can be adapted to interior applications in many forms and sizes. They are made from our translucent resin panels like textile, botanic materials or custom colored.

  • Castresin

    surface is Metal-like resin that displays the appearance of painted surface without processing the painting step. Luxsurface resin panel is use for different surface to improving the appearance of their own one.

Luxface Trade show h…

Luxface Trade show h…

Luxface Luxsurface is new product from Luxface surface design.hand made cast resin according to customer ideas for the w..
Evowe Tradeshow, 201…

Evowe Tradeshow, 201…

EvoweisattendedThe20thChinaInternationalBuildingDecorations&BuildingMaterialsExpoduring7th-10th,March,2013. Evowe..
What can bring for t…

What can bring for t…

Resin panels are collected small pieces of natural stone epoxy resin glued together by hand to make a panel. Thes..
The important role o…

The important role o…

Luxface resin panel can be fabricated with most tools used for machining plastics, wood ormetal. Tool speeds shou..
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The goal of Luxsurface is create Luxury Surface resin by using hand finished and applying particular patented procedures. Our special handcast polymer resin are unique using a special 3D casting technique that is hand finished allowing us to create unique and colorful design